Most Trusted Deep Learning Service Providers
Most Trusted Deep Learning Service Providers

Intelligent Data Capture Benefits

Intelligent Data Capture enables organisations to overcome the challenges caused by manual data entry, providing benefits like:

Reduced overhead and increased efficiency: Intelligent Data Capture frees up human resources formerly used for manual data input and processing to perform other critical business tasks.
Enhanced collaboration between remote workers: Intelligent Data Capture significantly reduces your organisation’s reliance on a shared location and work hours by enabling dynamic interaction between geographically distant employees.
Augmented security: Intelligent Data Capture ensures content is routed to the correct directories at the earliest possible point and guarantees that only individuals permitted to access that content are able to. It also provides more consistent and swift deployment of security procedures on all inbound content, safeguarding against costly data loss and security breaches.
Simplified compliance: Intelligent Data Capture links content to an audit trail that assists in compliance with government regulations and maintains precise retention of records and other sensitive data.

Intelligent Data Capture Use Cases

Business Continuity : Disruptions force organizations across the globe to re-examine business continuity measures to minimize customer impact while keeping employees safe. Enterprises need to meet the expectations of an increasingly dispersed workforce and customer base.
Invoice Processing : IDC reads and digitizes invoices and cheques, seamlessly updating and integrating with the ERP and CRM systems. Typically shows a 10x improvement over a manual system, with a transaction taking an average of one minute instead of ten minutes.
Customer onboarding & Know Your Customer (KYC) :IDC provides digital workers with the skills that allow them to automatically read, route, and process documents typically required in KYC processes, enabling faster and better customer service from the first interaction during account opening and customer onboarding.
Transportation & logistics : IDC digitizes and automates the shipping documentation process for a variety of documents such as shipping instructions, waybills, receipts, and orders to expedite freight flow through forwarders, carriers, and customs clearance.
Loan processing : IDC empowers digital workforce with the necessary document skills to understand and process the diverse set of banking documents associated with lending.
Insurance claims processing : IDC builds a new set of digital workers to augment the insurance claim process, eliminate human error, and speed up the processing and handling of insurance claims.

Most Trusted Deep Learning Service Providers

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