Bots can simplify Insurance for users

Insurance can be very complex for a majority of users. Many calls and messages a broker receives may be simple policy changes or queries. Users are confused when deciding the plan or policy that suits their needs best. A bot answer to simple inquiries, giving brokers more time to focus on acquiring new clients. Bots can be implemented across various operations to improve customer experience.

Bringing Customer Onboard – When customers raise enquiries, a bot can gather relevant information including their name, contact information, what insurance they want, the value of the goods they want to insure, and basic health information. An agent can review the information gathered by the bot, ask additional questions if needed, and propose an insurance plan.

Broker Bots to the fore
Avenir can design chatbots that can provide insurance information to brokers quickly and painlessly. Brokers ask the bot questions, the bot parses the insurer’s knowledge base and returns with a response for the broker. This is more efficient for broker than sifting the knowledge base themselves.

Insurance can be intimidating for consumers. Chatbots help make the entire experience of purchasing insurance and making claims more user friendly.