Bot Development

Avenir can develop for you the best of breed artificial intelligence applications that are tailored to your business operations. All applications are cloud-native and come with machine learning and deep learning technologies and fulfill a broad set of use cases and needs.

Avenir leverages the capabilities of Kore AI Bots platform:

  • Enables two-way conversations in natural language via text or speech.
  • Hybrid Nl approach, which combines Fundamental Meaning (FM) & Machine Learning (ML).
  • Equipped with Kore’s Loebner Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine.
  • Recognizes intent and extracts entities or field data to understand meaning.
  • Distinguish idiomatic variations like capitalization, semantics, -syntax, and grammar.
  • Uses Ml algorithms to improve accuracy, detect patterns and train the bot.
  • Includes Kore’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine.

Through Kore, we support all major deep learning frameworks to provide data scientists and developers with the most open and flexible environment.

Intelligent Automation (AI, NLP, Machine Learning)

Avenir brings you the best of technology expertise in Intelligent Automation. Our services include developing solutions in; 

  • Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning.
  • AI-Rich conversational interfaces.
  • Ease the time and cost of development with an easy-to-use bot building tool, built-in NLP, machine learning, AI, and all the components to turn human requests and system data into conversations.
Intelligent Automation (AI, NLP, Machine Learning)

Big Data Solutions

“Avenir Digital builds Big Data solutions on the cloud platform of your choice – Amazon web services or Microsoft Azure and solves your data dilemmas. We build Big Data as a Services (BDaaS) solutions that can scale and serve the extreme demands of your business.


Some of the technologies where we have expertise include the Apache suite (Hadoop, Spark etc), Cassandra, Tableau, Neo4J and RapidMiner. Avenir engages with you so you can take a systematic approach to digital innovation at enterprise scale with minimum risk and disruption.”

Innovation Lab

  • Simulated Environments
  • Digital Transformation Resources

New technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial intelligence (AI) are transforming how people, devices and data interact in every sphere of life. It’s not just about cutting edge technology; it’s about the digital transformation of industries and reshaping of businesses. It’s about how you’re changing the world, and Avenir is ready to help you.

The Avenir Innovation Lab is a great starting point if you are unsure about the end goals of an digital transformation initiative. Be it in the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or a Big Data solution, if your organisation is developing a solution, you can use our AI Capabilities and Tools in our labs to help accelerate bringing your product to market. You will work with dedicated developer experts from the industry, share feedback with your team and stakeholders.

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