HR and Recruitment Bots

27 July 2019

‘It’s already happening, as employers have begun deploying the technology for HR purposes. “AI and conversational chatbots in particular are useful in enhancing and automating the experie...

Chatbots in Telco

19 July 2019

–ABI Research forecasts that the virtual assistants will enable telcos to save US$1.2 billion on customer care management by 2022 with a CAGR of 17% over the next five years. [PR Newswire Europe Inc...

Chatbots in banking

18 July 2019

Research has indicated that banks will save $7.3 billion in costs globally by 2023 due to the increased use of chatbots, up from $209 million in 2019 (Newstex Trade & Industry Blogs, Chatham: Newstex. ...

Chatbots in Insurance

17 July 2019

Juniper Research released a study showing AI chatbots will have a major impact on insurance claims management, saving about $1.3 billion by 2023, across auto, health, life and property insurance globally, ...

Introducing Zeva by Avenir Digital – A Conversational AI Platform

Introducing Zeva by Avenir Digital – A Conversational AI Platform

17 July 2019

Avenir Digital is proud to present Zeva, our conversational AI platform build for business. Zeva is an easy to use end to end platform to conceptualize, design, build and deploy (chat) bots to serve use ca...

HR Service Bot Write Up

11 December 2018

Over the last two years, conversational AI in Human Resources has truly given professionals the means to utilize their time on the more strategic and pressing elements while spending less time on operation...