Avenir enables you to become digital


Avenir is your partner of choice as you embark on your journey towards true digital revolution. Avenir brings,

– Over 10 years of experience in providing high technology solutions with a strong focus on the banking and financial services industry (BFSI).
– Avenir is the Sole implementation Partner of KORE in Europe.
– 200 strong technical team with extensive industry expertise.
– Core competence in building NLP enabled bots using Kore’s robust Bot Building platform.

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Bots are your customer interface of the future

Avenir Digital blends deep learning and artificial intelligence to develop bots that deliver the most human-like customer service operations to achieve context and intent, and executing processes within the back office to fulfill requests. The bots analyze incoming queries and messages, predict metadata, retrieve required information, route complex calls to humans, and provide customers with accurate suggestions and automated responses. Avenir uses an intuitive web-based tool to design, develop, test, and deploy smart chatbots that are scalable and repeatable, and without the need for code, custom software, server space or changes to your infrastructure:

Build the Bot

Build your bot, integrate to systems, configure tasks, deploy to channels.

Optimize NLP

Refine your bot's natural language using our step-by-step approach

Administer Bots

Manage user and admin access, visibility, and your entire bot lifecycle

Leverage Our SDKs

Customize your bot for optimal mobile and desktop experiences

What We do?

Bot Design and Development

Bot Design and Development

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation

Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions